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March 21, 2005



That's quite a commute! Good luck with the move and what I imagine was a big decision. We'll be moving to Okinawa in August... Cheers to babies and moving!


yes yes...the time has come! maybe we'll actually hang out once you are back in this neck of the woods. email me or call me once you get here and i'll come help you unload the truck, unless you already have enough people, in which case i'm happy to not help.


You can come and drink beer while I haul stuff. Hey do you want a fishtank?


What CUTE pictures!


We moved two weeks after having our Monet! Good on you for making a hard thought out decision and hope the move goes well... Cheers. (Great photos by the way! *giggle giggle*)


Congratulations. We moved out west after living the urban life in Boston for some time, and it really has been the best decision we've made - for everyone in the family. I've still never lived in NYC, but I figure I'll just retire there. Good luck with everything.

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